Tahiry Makes An Impression On 'Love & Hip Hop' Debut

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The star of last night's season premiere of "Love & Hip-Hop" was hands down Tahiry Jose, Joe Budden's ex girlfriend and urban model. Feisty and possibly a little insane, Tahiry kicked off the episode by pushing a table at Joe and then literally chucking a drink at Raqi Thunda. When she wasn't throwing beverages, Tahiry dropped jaws in skin tight outfits covering her very voluptuous backside.

Fans, many male, took to Twitter to share their love with hashtags like "#TahiryAppreciationDay." "Camera made sure to pan down on Tahiry's assets, good job," tweeted a male admirer along with,"Tahiry about to knock over a table every episode." "Tahiry is wearing hot chick crown now! Its over!" shared Funkmaster Flex of Hot 97 on Twitter.

Even women gave her props for her bodacious bod. "I'm mesmerized when Tahiry walks away," said one fan. "Tahiry in those shorts though O_O," gawked another female fan, commenting on Tahiry's itty bitty shorts at the episode's end.

Tahiry and rapper Joe Budden dated for five years. In a sit down the The Breakfast Club, Tahiry claims that she has no feelings for Joe. "I'm not his friend right now," she says (http://youtu.be/rpzEtD0IaDs). Tahiry then says that she can never get back together with Joe because he's immature and she doesn't believe that Joe can change.