'Love & Hip Hop' Premiere: Joe Budden And Tahiry Try To Be Friends

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The new season of "Love & Hip Hop" kicked off Monday night (January 7) and much of the premiere revolved around rapper Joe Budden juggling his ex girl, current girl and possibly next girl.

Joe has a sit down with Tahiry Jose (an urban model who we later find out still waits tables at a restaurant) to see why they cannot have a friendship. Tahiry starts screaming and throws a tantrum, so it's clear that some feelings are still unresolved. Joe's platonic homegirl, Raqi Thunda (a radio personality and "hip-hop confidante"), is not feeling Tahiry because of so-called past beef in which Tahiry thinks that Raqi smashed her homie.

Meanwhile, Erica Mena seems to be doing incrementally better in life thanks to manager slash new boo Rich Dollaz. Erica is actively working on her new single. Olivia chastises Rich for not telling her that he and Erica were dating and has a sit-down with both to discuss her apprehensions, which leads to Erica storming out.

In happier couple news, Yandy Smith has moved on post-Jim Jones. She begins the episode pregnant with her longtime boo, Mandeecees, and they end the episode with their newborn son. The duo look like a compatible pair but it's clear that Mandeecees may not be quite ready to give up parties with Vado and Juelz and be a domestic divo.

The episode ends when Joe invites Tahiry, Raqi and his current girl Kaylin (who says not one word) to his house for a pool party. They play Joe's version of Truth Or Dare called Truth Or Truth so that Joey can find out the root of Raqi's beef with Tahiry. Joe asks Tahiry about some past dude she smashed while Tahiry asks Joe whether he and Raqi were ever intimate (Joe claims they weren't). The game gets super heated and Raqi and Tahiry end up getting violent when Raqi starts mouthing off. Tahiry throws a drink at Raqi and the cat claws come out. "Enough is enough!" says Tahiry. Joey has had enough too. His platonic homegirl gotta go and he kicks Raqi out of his pool party.