What Brands Will Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Baby Inspire?

By Natasha Chandel (@natasha_chandel)

By now you know that Kimye are expecting their first child. Kim Kardashian is reportedly twelve weeks pregnant and the world knows after Kanye West announced Kim as his “baby mama” during an Atlantic City show on December 30. Besides being reality TV and music’s finest (respectively), Kimye have minted money from their extensive brand collections and endorsements that span from clothing lines to weight-loss products. So, now that they'll have a new addition to the family it seems obvious that they expand their brand to include products for, well...babies.

Here are a few baby brand options for Kimye to consider:

Kiddie Kardashian

This clothing line would be an obvious extension of Kim’s Kardashian Kollection and Kanye’s own line which he re-introduced at Paris Fashion Week in 2012. It could include baby peplum tops for the girls and unisex leather pants, a staple item in Kimye’s personal wardrobe. Oh, and let's not forget about leather kilts/skirts/you know what we mean.

Baby Booties

Since the world crushes so hard on Kim’s infamous derriere, why wouldn't KimYe launch a diaper line? The high-fashion designs (courtesy of 'Ye) would be all the rage among Hollywood moms and could come in additional sizes to accommodate the, um, well-endowed.


It's pretty safe to say that KimYe loves cars, and they definitely own lots of them. Case in point, Kim bought her man a $750K Lamborghini last summer. And while babies can’t drive cars, they can ride around in some dope strollers! Think about it: power raincover, hydraulic wheels, cruise control settings. Mercy

Eau de Kimye

Babies and new cars have the best scents, so why not debut a baby-friendly fragrance that kids could rock? Kim Kardashian’s signature fragrance for adults represents the modern girl who does it all; a baby-scented fragrance for kids could represent the child who has it all … because this one certainly will.