Azealia Banks Responds To Angel Haze With Her Own Dis Track

(Banks on her reputation for starting trouble)

On Thursday (December 3) Azealia Banks and Angel Haze took brutal shots at each other on Twitter, prompting Angel Haze to issue the dis track "On The Edge." Now Banks has responded with "No Problems." Listen below.

After hearing Angel's track, Banks took to Twitter to bash it, writing, "One last comment about this whole angel haze thing.... Take note that there is NO MENTION of todays twitter spat in her diss track.... Lolol. Further proof that you've had this WHACK diss track ready FOR MONTHS. #LOSERRRRR."

A few hours later she followed up with, "So diplo just calls me and tells me she wrote that track months ago and he had nothing to do with it. Lol I def used that energy to write a fly new jam tho. It's not even really a diss anymore! Haha !!! Just straight fly uptown NYC sh--!!! "NO PROBLEMS"

"It's not even really a diss" isn't so accurate since Azealia definitely takes some shots on the song, rapping, "This butch bitch got blue balls."

Angel Haze has already heard the retort and she plans to follow up with immediately with another track. "I couldn't even play that weak s--- all the way thru, bruh. ANYWAY 6pm. you some trash," she tweeted, then changing her mind and adding, "f--- that, give me thirty minutes. ill record this shit on garage band. not worth studio time."

Update: Angel Haze releases "Shut The Fuck Up"