Cassidy's Feud With Meek Mill Won't Go Further Than Rap

(Cassidy explains his relationship with Meek Mill)

Meek Mill and Cassidy's relationship has severely deteriorated over the past few months, with heated exchanges on Twitter leading to the release of a few dis tracks. After Meek's response on "Repo," MTV News reached out to Cassidy for his side of the story, and the Philly rapper maintains that this will never get further than aggressive bars.

"It's not personal beef. I don't wanna see anything happen to him or anybody around him," Cassidy told MTV News. "I'm just competitive and I take my music seriously. At first I was gonna leave it alone. I thought he wanted to battle me, like he was calling me out, but when I found out he wasn't, I left it alone — until he started tweeting certain things about me and being disrespectful."

After an initial Twitter exchanged back in July, things seemed to fizzle out, but then the flames were fanned again in November. "I got a phone call saying that Meek Mill wanted to battle me, and I thought with me being on the level I'm on and Meek Mill having a certain type of fanbase, it'd be good for hip-hop," Cassidy said. "I feel like hip-hop is not focused on bars and being competitive anymore, but it's slowly going back to where it originated, so I wanted to play a large part in bringing it back where it needed to be. I thought it'd be a big battle for hip-hop, so I agreed to do it.

"I didn't wanna make it a real beef or anything like that," he added. "I felt like if we had anything to say to each other, we could put it in a rap battle and prove to the streets who's really the best, who really run the city that we're both from and who's qualified to be talking crazy. That's all it was about."

After Cassidy issued the dis track "Me, Myself & iPhone" Meek eventually responded with "Repo," and it seems like that might've done irreparable damage to their relationship. "He used to call my phone all the time, asking me to hear his music. I actually used to help him write his raps and give him information back in the day, but ever since he got his deal, things changed," Cassidy said. "He stopped calling me, stopped communicating, stopped doing records together — it's like he was a whole different type of person. I reached out a couple times, I don't know if he was just busy or if he just changed, but it wasn't exactly the same as before he [got a deal].

Would Cassidy ever consider working with Meek again? Read the full story at MTV News.

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