Chief Keef Didn't Get Jail Time For Violating Probation

By Henna Kathiya

Chief Keef is no longer facing jail time for his recent probation violation after an unauthorized move. Keef, born Keith Cozart, is now free after a Cook County judge ruled that he had not been presented with “any credible evidence” that the 17-year-old rapper had moved to Northbrook.

Cozart was facing possible jail time after he moved out of his Dolton home into a new neighborhood in Chicago  without telling his probation officer. He is on an 18-month probation for pointing a gun at a police officer. This isn’t the only time the South Side rapper violated his probation. Last year prosecutors said Keef violated his probation for appearing in an interview at a gun range with Pitchfork.

This time, prosecutors said that besides not informing his probation officer about his move they had not heard from Keef since his debut album Finally Rich dropped on December 18. Authorities were not able to get in touch with him by phone so they visited his Dolton home where he was supposed to be living with his grandmother but he was no where to be found. Cozart’s attorney said that the rapper was at his manager’s house in Northbrook where they have a studio set up.

“Why they got a problem with my address?" he exclaimed on his way out of the courthouse. Hopefully this is the last legal run-in for the young rapper since he has to focus on promoting his debut album.

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