Is Lil Wayne's 'Baked' Forehead Tattoo A Win?

A brand new face tattoo to get 2013 rollin', thanks Weezy! Wayne's latest ink work, which reads "Baked" in block letters, ended up square on his forehead and it bears close resemblance to the logo of popular skate deck supplier Baker.

The photo of Wayne appeared on his fan site Lil Wayne HQ on Wednesday (January 2) and judging by the snapshot the New Orleans native looks pretty pleased with his new body art. This is just the latest addition to his face tattoo collection, which already includes a New Orleans Saints logo and teardrops under his eye.

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Amazingly enough Wayne's protege Drake got himself some new body ink over the holidays as well, tattooing his grandmother and uncle on his back. In December Wayne joked about the confusion his tattoos have caused, explaining that he'd even advised Drake not to follow suit. "I get all [of these] questions about, 'why you got all these tattoos on your face?' what does that mean?" he told MTV News. "You can't turn on the TV and find an artist without a tattoo somewhere...if you don't [have a tattoo] you're tryna be too different. If you don't have a tattoo you're Drake!"

My how things have changed.