Meek Mill vs. Cassidy: Best Dis Track So Far?

After provoking Meek Mill with another dis track "Me, Myself & iPhone" this weekend (not to mention a few weeks of trading words on Twitter) Cassidy finally got what he wanted. The MMG rapper fired back with "Repo" on Wednesday night (December 27) and it seems like we're in the midst of a Philly face-off. Who's winning the battle so far? Fans have mixed reviews and both rappers have some support behind them. See more below and listen to "Repo" above.

@Dopebitch_xo Meek Mill x Repo >> Cassidy x Me, Myself & iphone

@TellyC_2: Eh that Meek Mill-Repo (Cassidy diss) it was alright! Heard a few low blows!”

@TheRealGoo_Roo Meek mill really is a funny mf lol

@JustMe_NettaB i wish @CASSIDY_LARSINY would really put @MeekMill in his place & be done....that twitter back n forth shit is extra lame...

@JasonRWalker @MeekMill did u say "Forrest Gump ass n----a, better keep runnin"? lol #seriousheat

@Cannonington: Meek mill killed Cassidy in the diss track

@bobbystonemusic Trust me. Cassidy will body meek mill. #watch

@Just_just88 Umm idk man i think i kinda like the meek mill diss to Cassidy better then Cassidy diss to meek mill..

@PlayDirtyYinks ive been listening to meek mill (cassidy diss) track for a good 30 mins now! its FIRE

@Biggilli914 It's OVA FOR MEEK MILL

@Vilens Look, Cassidy is nice when it comes to battling, we know this. Still, I don't know if I'd call out Meek Mill by name, dude's too hungry.

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@ImJustChuck_82 Just listened to that Meek Mill 'diss record.' I don't even know why I bothered.

@JackkDMorris Everytime I listen to @MeekMill - Repo the better it sounds, but @CASSIDY_LARSINY still guna go in on him!!

@JMishiana Yikkess meek mill killed Cassidy on that #Repo track

?@MiddleFinga2LUV Smh before listening to repo I already knew meek mill was gonna take the " I got this Watchu got" approach smh hope cass shoot baq

@OfficialTraps @MeekMill and cassidy need to go to vlad tv cause I got a feeling someone is hiding behind beats

@Bloso_89 @CASSIDY_LARSINY that repo diss by meek mill was weak tri story

@AMPDACHAMP180TH Far more bigger things today than MEEK Mill Diss Track...

@FleurDeMii My computer crashed trying to play that trash ass meek mill. It didn't even wanna listen to that shit

@night_life_mike Meek mill out here tryna shine bright like a diamond

@iStealFoodStamp Everybody talkin meek mill went in on cassidy on dat diss but nah he makes it sound like he snappin on em but meek not really saying nothing

@boogz315 This Meek Mill track warrants another response from Cassidy.

?@Whos_JD Meek mill murdered Cassidy on that diss #sheesh