Rihanna And Chris Brown Still Happy, Holding Hands

By Henna Kathiya

Rihanna is continuing to share pictures of herself snuggled up with Chris Brown. Last night (December 20) bad girl RiRi shared a "Throwback Thursday" picture of her holding hands with the characteristically tattooed hand of Chris Brown.

The picture was hash tagged “#THROWBACKtolastTHURSDAY” meaning that this picture isn’t really that much of a throwback.

Rihanna has definitely not been holding back with her public displays, sharing a lot of photos on Twitter and Instagram of the two looking pretty cozy. It’s been no secret that the “Diamonds” singer flew to Germany to see Chris on his Carpe Diem tour right after her own 777 tour wrapped up.

While the public may have their own opinions on the two getting back together, both Chris and Rihanna have no qualms about it. They seem to be flaunting their relationship to let the public know that they don’t have a care in the world, which is very evident on their most recent collaboration “Nobodys Business” from RiRi’s Unapologetic album.