How Much Will T.I.'s Trouble Man Album Sell In Debut Week?

T.I.'s eighth album Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head debuted on Tuesday (December 18) and first-week sales predictions are already in.

Hits Daily Double reports that Tip will move between 150, 000 - 170, 000 copies of the anticipated album in the first week. The album includes features from Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky and even a rare verse from Andre 3000, which T.I. says had been in the making since 2006. "We were back and forth about that since the King album," T.I. says of how long it took to put together "Sorry" during his visit to "RapFix Live" this week.

He also broke down the cover art, which finds him holding a gun, sort of? "A metaphorical, creative, conceptual gun that represents all of the things in life that can get a man in trouble in the form of what one can consider a gun, however not a real gun," he clarified.

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