Katt Williams Defends Slapping Target Employee

By Henna Kathiya

Katt Williams has gotten himself in a lot of hot water this year, but by far the most bizarre behavior from the comedian was when he slapped a Target employee earlier this month. Now, he’s defending his behavior by saying the employee he pimp slapped called him the N-word.

Katt performed last night (December 19) at the Comedy Store in Hollywood where he described the run in with the Target employee. Allegedly the employee told Katt Williams, "Your assistant is already suing you, you pu--y ass ni—-r,” referring to his former assistant suing him for $5 million dollars for punching her. According to TMZ the exchange between the two went down like this:

Katt Williams: A Timeline Of Bad Behavior, Assault, Legal Woes

Katt said he flipped when he heard the slur and asked the employee, "Did you just say the n-word in front of Katt Williams?" -- to which the employee answered, "You say it all the time." Katt says he shot back, "Say it again and see what happens" -- and that's when he knocked the guy upside the head. Katt then compared his racism plight to that of Dave Chappelle, explaining, "That's the same Shyte that drove [Chappelle] out of the f---ing business."

In an interview with HipHopWired, Katt maintained that he doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him. "I been arrested 36 times in five years, but I never been in court, you figure it out. I don't care what they say. What they say, they love me so how could I give a f--k what they say otherwise?"

Katt Williams is definitely not apologizing for his erratic behavior and has no qualms about his current legal troubles. He made it clear that he doesn’t care about the bad press because his career isn’t suffering. “"I don't want everyone to know anything, I do no promotion whatsoever. I sold more comedy DVDs than any comedian breathing or dead, Black or White. I have five more comedy specials than Richard Prior, six more than Bill Cosby, five more than Eddie Murphy, and six more than Martin Lawrence." That’s right Kat just keep doing you because being arrested 36 times in five years is quite the feat.