Chief Keef's Finally Rich Gets A Very Offensive Review

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

A new opinion piece blasting Chief Keef and his debut album Finally Rich as a "minstrel show" and "lunkheaded" is rubbing some folks the wrong way. In 'Another Reason I Don't Like Chief Keef,' NBC writer Edward McClelland critiques the Chicago rapper for his simple rhymes and inciting violence, then takes it a bit too far.

"I also don’t want to pay $14 for the minstrel show of listening to a real live South Side thug. I don't want to support a scene that makes gangbanging a resume builder for music success," he writes via HipHopWired. McClelland also condemned violent movies like "Gangster Squad" and "Django Unchained" and America's overall gun culture as sources of societal violence.

Keef has been in legal hot water recently due to gun-related issues. According to the Chicago Sun Times, Keef has an upcoming hearing which stems from probation violations that he made while holding a firearm in an interview with Pitchfork. Keef is on probation due to a previous charge in which he pointed a gun at a police officer.

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