Best Hip-Hop GIFs Of 2012: Omarion, Holo-Pac, Kate Upton's Cat Daddy


(Omarion breaks it down at Bet Awards)

By Maurice Bobb

No word dominated pop-culture’s collective lexicon in the year 2012 quite like the term “GIF.” GIF, short for Graphics Interchange Format, was such a semantic phenomenon that the Oxford University Press dubbed it “America's Word of the Year.” From the hilarious to the embarrassing to the downright ridiculous, no other digital medium captured moments better than the LOL-inducing bits of image animation that flooded social media over the last 365 days. Hip-Hop was no different. In fact, the genre dominated by lyrical virtuosos like Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Kanye West and Jay-Z provided some of the most GIF-tastic moments in recent memory. As the year winds down into the holidays, RapFix takes a look back at some of the greatest GIFs of all.

Omarion at BET Hip Hop Awards

Who could forget Omarion rushing the stage during Rick Ross’ performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards to bust fifty-eleven dance moves in five seconds? Maybach O’s epileptic pirouettes went viral in the Twittersphere before the song was even over. By the next morning, the RIAA certified this GIF double platinum.

All of 2 Chainz' GIFs

All I want for my birthday is a 2 Chainz GIF. From the signature mop-topped braids to the ridiculously entertaining dance moves, Tity 2 Necklaces, and everything he did on stage and in videos, was a virtual GIF come to life. Peep this Tumblr for a treasure trove of the "Birthday Song" MC's jigs.

A$AP Rocky grabbing Rih Rih's ass

A$AP Rocky claims that he be that pretty MF-er, but when he grabbed Rihanna’s ass at the MTV VMAs, he became that lucky MF-er. Social media lit up like a Christmas tree when the Harlemite grabbed what Rih Rih’s mama gave her, not just because it happened, but because Ms.Fenty seemed so unapologetic about it.

Kate Upton Cat Daddy

Kate Upton took time out from a shoot with Terry Richardson to show the world that even a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model could twerk and do The Rej3ctz’ “Cat Daddy” dance with the best of 'em. Upton’s bikini-clad moves vaulted her into the T&A GIF Hall of Fame.

Holo-Pac at Coachella

The future of live performance was on full display at Coachella this year when Tupac was digitally resurrected to grace the stage as a hologram. After the incredibly life-like West Coast legend ripped through “Hail Mary” and "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted,” all eyes were on this GIF.

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