Trinidad James' 'All Gold Everything' Parody: Enjoy

By Henna Kathiya

Trinidad James is the hottest item out of Atlanta at the minute, thanks to his hit single “All Gold Everything" and a brand new deal with Def Jam Records, but it was only a matter of time before someone came out with a parody of his smash.

Actor Lamorne Morris recently dropped the parody “No Gold Anything," which is actually not too far off from the original video, minus the lyrics of course. This rendition features Morris in the same setup as the original, but he’s rapping about being poor.

He opens up the song by rapping “This ain’t for no rich n----a/ If you a rich n----a don’t f--- with me/ This is for my broke n---a’s/ Hipster bitches wearing sterling silver.” The parody also features Morris wearing a shirt that says “broke” and ring pops and plastic rings on his fingers clearly poking fun at the original version.

Trinidad James is far from being broke since reportedly singing a $2 million dollar contract with Def Jam. He recently visited the set of “RapFix Live"  telling Sway, "Somebody had to want to be the man. Somebody had to want to start something. For me, I'm looking at it like, 'Why I can't be the man? Why not? Who's to tell me I can't be the man?'