Miguel Shares Two Previously Unreleased Tracks

By Georgette Pierre

Over the weekend, the “Adorn” crooner himself dropped two unreleased tracks on YouTube. The first track, “On These Wings” finds Miguel’s vocals floating pleasantly across what sounds like a modern Michael Jackson-esque melody, where he convinces his female muse to get lost in the moment and trust him as they dance the night away.On the flip side, “Bawdy” is more of an uptempo track, reminiscent of his first album infusing a lot of R&B, dance, electronic, and hip-hop. Although there’s no indication of where these songs may end up or if they were created some time ago, Miguel has the world’s attention.

2012 has shaped up to be a good year for Miguel. From his All I Want Is You days to now being adorned with the release of his sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Dream, his five Grammy nominations should come as no surprise. Just last month he even tweeted about being in the studio with Beyonce. Although exact details haven’t been revealed yet, we can only hope that it will be something epic.

Being the go-to male singer for hits like Nas’ “Summer on Smash," Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb" and Fat Joe’s “Pride N’ Joy" speaks volumes to Miguel’s work as an artist and songwriter. Let’s just hope the Recording Academy for the Grammy Awards think so too!

You can catch Miguel as a featured act on MTV JAMS Presents Trey Songz ‘Chapter V World Tour’.