Lil Wayne Pays No Attention To His Critics

To say that Lil Wayne marches to the beat of his own drum would be an understatement, so it's no surprise then that the YMCMB honcho is totally comfortable with his image and style. Following his 2011 VMAs performance Weezy's animal print jeggings made headlines for weeks, but he never let it bother him.

"I just did it because it's what I felt like doing," Wayne said of his attire, looking back on that night. "I do reflect on that. I look at things like [that and think] 'wow. 'I got so criticized."

"I get all [of these] questions about, 'why you got all these tattoos on your face?' what does that mean?" he continued, explaining some of the other criticisms he's received. "You can't turn on the TV and find an artist without a tattoo somewhere...if you don't [have a tattoo] you're tryna be too different. If you don't have a tattoo you're Drake!"

Wayne's style has definitely evolved over the past couple of years, due to his passion for skateboarding, but new outfits are just the beginning. Earlier this year Wayne launched his DEWeezy campaign with Mountain Dew and later teamed up with a mentoring program called Stoked which caters to teenagers. 10 teens from the program even helped him to film a new 30-second commercial. "They put all that together, everything, those kids," he told MTV News in November.

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