Game Is Open To Working With 50 Cent And Jay-Z

By Maurice Bobb

If his back and forth feuds with rappers are any indication, Game isn’t just a chameleon on wax, he’s one in real life, too. Recently, while promoting his fifth studio album, Jesus Piece, the Compton spitter told BET there was a possibility that, after years of lyrical sparring with G-Unit and its founding member 50 Cent, he’d change his tune to reunite and collaborate with his longtime rival.

“What 50 gotta do is let go of his ego,” Game told the interviewer. “I don't hold grudges. I was mad for the time being when we were going through that and after that, I immediately graduated to a neutral ground where that could have happened but it's 50, man. Once he calms his ego and realizes that there still could be the possibility of G-Unit reforming, then who knows? But I know you can't put together G-Unit without Game and you can't do it without 50. It's kind of like that John Lennon/Paul McCartney thing. Jimmy Iovine used to say that a lot."

If Game and 50 can let bygones be bygones, perhaps they’ll be able to recreate the sonic brilliance displayed in collaborative songs like “Hate It or Love It” and “How We Do” from the 33-year old’s landmark West Coast debut, The Documentary. For his part, though, Game didn’t need Curtis Jackson's help for Jesus Piece. The 13-track opus features 23 artists ranging from Kanye West to Lil Wayne to Kevin Hart, who delivers hilariously on the well-received album’s skits.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jayceon Taylor also extended an olive branch to Jay-Z, who he’d also like to work with if the opportunity arose.

"It wasn't that I resented Jay-Z or had any real beef," Game explained, when discussing his lyrical feud with Jigga. "I just wanted to pick a fight and maybe he would spit at me and I could spit at him and get into a lyrical war...I tried and he responded with little lines here and there and I think the possibility of a song happening over the years kind of got tainted. But it's a new day. I'm a new person. I'm a little bit older. Hopefully one day we'll be able to make that happen. If not, I've had a glorious career. I'm on my fifth album and not really looking for anything else to fall out the sky for me, so it is what it is."