Mixtape Daily: Ca$h Out Previews 'Stoner' Records On Keisha

By Rob Markman

Headliner: Ca$h Out

Representing: Atlanta, Georgia

Mixtape: Keisha

Real Spit: Arguably there wasn't a rap song more catchy than Ca$h Out's summer tune "Cashin' Out."Not only did the infectious diddy earn the Atlanta rookie a gold plaque, it peaked at #1 on the Billboard rap singles chart and also introduced us to some new slang. But while the rest of hip-hop's marijuana aficionados were ridin' around smokin' on Keisha, Ca$h decided to hit the studio to prep a mixtape which will capitalize off of his new lingo.

Keisha doesn't drop until December 18, but the Ca$h Out Kid had no problem hitting Mixtape Daily with an early preview. "Oh yeah, it's definitely a stoner experience," he said of his upcoming weed celebration. "I got records for the ladies too. It's like a great body of work at the same time."

Ca$h is not content with being a one-hit wonder, and his new single "Hold Up" with Wale is making the radio rounds as well. In 2013, the young Southern breakout looks to drop his official debut Patience, but he's going to warm fans up with Keisha. On it the youngster says he has an array of songs for the fellas and the ladies. "I want to let the world and the people and my supporters know that the music is still here and I could do a lot of other different things as far as this music," he humbly bragged.

C.O. is gonna set the tape off for all the cannabis heads, but after he plans to go different places musically. "It's gonna start off with the intro, the 'Keisha' song just lettin' 'em know where I'm comin' from with the word Keisha, but it's definitely gonna be a great body of work," he promised. "Not just no smokin' mixtape."

Joints to Check For

>> "Keisha" — "The song is called 'Keisha' the tape is Keisha, we startin' it off just like that. Lightin' up, rollin' up, let's go."

>> "Can I Be the One" — "'Can I be the One' is for the ladies who's out there and just wonderful and grateful for their man. And I'm just like 'Can I Be the One' you know I'm ready to tighten up just for you. It's a real laid back song that the ladies can lay back and drink some Chardonnay too and just feel real good when they hear it."