Game's Jesus Piece Album Leaks: Fans Review

Game's star-studded Jesus Piece album is officially in stores on Tuesday (December 11) but in the meantime fans have been listening to the leaked version of the album (which the Compton rapper is cool with, as long as you still buy it later). Though some listeners complained about the album having too many features, popular opinion is that Game has scored a major win. Check out some of the comments below.

Game even took to Twitter over the weekend to share a text message conversation with Dr. Dre, who congratulated him on the project. "Your album is Dope," the message from Dre read. "The song with the D'Angelo sample is f---in Crazy. Great job. Congratulations!!!!"

Game's response? "Couldn't do it without you Doc. Compton !!!" The song Dre references is "All That."

Fan reactions:

@FadiFadase: "I'm on the block like D12, I got the white, No. D-12" WOW, The Game is spitting straight fire on this Jesus Piece album.

@Banksworld2: Game - Jesus Piece album is excellent!

@TheMindOfRalph: Jesus Piece has at least 20 different features... Game's budget has to be STOOPID

@Viola1730: ONIFC is a great album but Game killed it this year with Jesus Piece.

@The_Captaiin: Jesus Piece = Dope album... The Game always delivering

@OsamaBinTrappin: I didn't like Jesus Piece. Too many features and Game just sounds weird. Red Album was better

@ChocDipz: The Game's Album Jesus Piece. Is Probably one of the best albums out this year.

@G_Palm5: Game came with that Heat on Jesus Piece.

@CrownGrandRoyal: The Game - Jesus Piece album is incredible and major comeback from RED album. My rating 5/5

@jasonH88F: Jesus Piece' is decent, doesn't feel like a Game album though

@RosadoSega: Listening to this Jesus Piece album. So many features, Game has to slow down with that.

@WilliamTrinity: At 13 tracks (not including the bonus songs), the new Game album 'Jesus Piece' is still too long. A common trend with every album he's done.

@ChocDipz: The Game's Album Jesus Piece. Is Probably one of the best albums out this year.

@LadiesLovePeezy: Listening to this "Jesus Piece" album by Game! He didn't disappoint! Good music!