Katt Williams Hits Fan With Mic For Taping Show

By Rob Markman

If you thought Katt Williams would lay low after getting arrested for smacking a Target employee last week, think again. On Monday (November 10) a video clip of the embattled comedian hitting a fan upside the head with a microphone for taping his November 30 stand-up routine in Seattle, Washington.

TMZ published the dark and grainy, 46-second long camera phone clip, which shows Katt walking through the audience and swinging his microphone striking the fan. After the impact caused a loud booming sound, audience members gasp and then applauded when the comedian took the stage and continued with his jokes.

"Excuse me mic check," Katt said as the crowd erupted.

"Record me… and see what happens to you. Let me see your light recording me and see what happens," he continued. "Go home and get your raggedy pistol and bring it back, I already got mine."

Katt Williams: A Timeline Of Bad Behavior, Assault, Legal Woes

The victim, Carlos Casto-Lino, didn’t retaliate in the video, but will have his day in court. Casto-Lino is suing both Katt and the owner of the Paramount Theatre where the show took place for $250,000. The victim who suffered a concussion claims that Williams "had publicly demonstrated signs of mental instability" and should not have been allowed to perform according to Courthouse News Service. He is also claiming that though the venue’s security witnessed the attack, none of them intervened.

"Williams positioned himself in the fourth row of seats, directly behind Castro. Then, without warning to Castro, Williams struck the back of his head with his microphone. One witness described the assault as a 'baseball swing,'" the complaint reads. "After assaulting Castro, Williams returned to the stage and directed comments at Castro, telling Castro that he should go home and get a gun and that Williams also had a gun and would be waiting for him upon his return."

On December 3 a video of Katt slapping a man in the face at a Sacrmento, California Target. On December 2 he was arrested for his role in a bar fight in Seattle where he allegedly threatened to hit patrons with a pool cue.

Last week the troubled funny man contemplated his own retirement.

Katt Williams WHIPS Audience Member with Microphone