Katt Williams Arrested, Gets Hearing For Slapping Target Employee

Katt Williams was arrested in Seattle earlier this week for threatening patrons and an employee at a local bar, and on Friday night (December 7) the comedian (who is on a dangerous downward spiral) was cuffed again by the Yolo County police department in California.

Katt Williams: A Timeline Of Bad Behavior, Assault, Legal Woes

Williams was arrested at a gas station in Dunnigan, California, off of I-5 when he was pulled over during a traffic stop. He'd had a previous warrant issued for his arrest in Sacramento County just a day earlier, on account of reckless driving back in November.

In January the comedian is scheduled to appear in court for slapping a Target employee. The Yolo County District Attorney’s office has filed assault charges against him. Earlier this week, the comedian claimed he was retiring from comedy only to recant that statement a couple of days later.