Rockie Fresh Gets Back To The Future With 'Nobody,' Sets Electric Highway Release Date

By Ade Mangum (@HollywoodAde)

December is usually the month when people take time to reflect and look back at the highlights of the current year, but Rockie Fresh has taken that a step further. The Chicago rapper brought us back 20-plus years to 1985’s Michael J Fox’s time traveling adventure flick “Back To The Future." In his new video “Nobody," Rockie pays homage, even sitting in the film’s classic vehicle, a DeLorean, as he metaphorically cruises down the Electric Highway.

“Back to the Future” has clearly been an influence in Rockie Fresh’s career. His previous mixtape Driving 88 is based off the classic line from the character Doc Brown ("If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious sh--"). And his upcoming Electric Highway mixtape will push that along. The release date has been pushed back a few times but everything is on course now and it's slated to drop January 21, 2013.

MTV News spoke with Rockie Fresh this summer about Electric Highway. "I always want to do original music even if it's a mixtape, so it's definitely a free album, but all of the records are going to be original," he said. "With me getting older and seeing different parts of the world, my content is always going to be evolving, so this is going to be the peak of Rockie Fresh."

Not only does Rockie’s video take place in the 80s, but his clothing line is directly influenced by the 80s too. He dropped his “Electric Highway” clothing line along with the release of his video “Nobody." If anything is certain, it's that Rockie Fresh has a plan and his fans don’t need to time travel into the future--just listen in the present.