Will Smith Tried To Get T.I. A Presidential Pardon

By Henna Kathiya

T.I.'s recent prison sentence is now behind him, but the Atlanta rapper is still working overtime on his career after serving back-to-back sentences. In a recent interview with Peter Bailey’s “NiteCap,” Tip revealed that after violating his probation in 2010, Will Smith offered to help him get pardoned by the president.

According to Tip (via HipHopDx) Will Smith offered to reach out to President Obama, asking him for a pardon, during their yearly birthday call. (The "Fresh Prince" star and Tip happen to share the same birthday and call each other every year to catch up).

"I didn't reach out to [Will Smith for a Presidential pardon]; we were just in conversation just speaking," Tip explained. "We got the same birthday, and everyday on our birthday we speak on the phone just to say, 'What's up, how're you doing, what's going on?'"

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"That year on our birthday, I was just going through that [probation] situation, so when he had me [on the phone], I was like, 'Dude, it's tight right now.' His first thing was, 'How can I help?' and I said, 'Bruh, it's got to come from the top.' He was like, 'Oh yeah? I can reach up there [to the President].' I was like, 'Man, I don't even know. Don't put yourself out the way - it's a long shot'…at that point, he connected with my attorneys and took a shot."

Although T.I. ended up serving his prison sentence he said that he was touched by Will Smith’s offer. It definitely doesn’t seem like a bad idea to be Will Smith’s buddy.