Nicki Minaj Not Nominated For A Grammy: See The Reactions

Nicki Minaj had another big career year, landing a new judging role on "American Idol," producing her own E! specials and even launching her Pink Friday fragrance, but none of that translated into a nomination for the YMCMB rapper. At the 2012 Grammy Awards she put on quite the theatrical performance, debuting a new single from her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, but this year she was nowhere to be found on the nominations list. This hasn't gone unnoticed, check out the mixed reactions after the jump.

@BiggestBoyBar: Why didn't @NICKIMINAJ didn't get nominated for a Grammy!?:(

@justjohaan: Nicki Minaj blocked a fan on Twitter because she tweeted that it was 'understandable' that she didn't get any Grammy nominations, LMAO.

@breadquanda: nicki minaj should get every grammy

@DatKingBieber: So Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj weren't nominated for a Grammy. @TheGrammys you are so not getting views

@JaywanInc" Grammy Nominations are out: Nicki Minaj was moved from Rap to the Pop genre. She has ZERO nominations. Not surprised...

@Sim_185: Nicki Minaj wasn't nominated for a Grammy, my faith in humanity is restored :)

@Guindy12: @NICKIMINAJ it's bs u an Justin did not get nominated for a Grammy for beauty and a beat they don't know foo music at all!!!!

@teaminajbeauty: So @NICKIMINAJ isn't nomminated for any grammy awards....TOTAL B.S !!

@JDBfearless: Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry & Justin aren't nominated for Grammys. This is gonna be the worst Grammy ever to be honest

@MyFutureIsGreat: They say Nicki Minaj was snubbed by not getting a #Grammy nomination. No! They just see her for what she is! OVERRATED MINAJ!

@DavidSteevesL:  #Grammy nominations are out and Nicki Minaj was completely shut out. I'm sure she's taking it well.

@iamReGGo: Major congrats to ALL of The Grammy Nominees! Shocked that Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj didn't get any. #GRAMMYnoms

@JW994: Hahahaha not a single Grammy nomination for Biever, One direction or Nicki Minaj. Maybe there is hope for mankind after all...

@justinkirkland4: With the Grammy noms announced yesterday, does anyone else remember Nicki Minaj invoking the Devil at last year's awards?