2 Chainz And Psy Recorded A Track Together

(PSY and MC Hammer perform at the AMAs)

By Henna Kathiya

2 Chainz and Korean pop star Psy may not have a lot in common but they do share one thing: being wildly popular this year. While both stars are from completely different genres of music, it seems like the unlikely duo have recorded a song together.

Producer and DJ, Diplo, has apparently matched the two stars up, tweeting, “no lie i just finished something with @psy_oppa and @2chainz the mayan calendar predicted this.”

Although this combination doesn't seem likely,  it also doesn’t come as a surprise since Psy’s viral megahit “Gangnam Style” has been virtually everywhere. From hundreds of parodies to appearances on talk shows Psy has literally been an unstoppable force sweeping the nation with his funny pony dance.

Especially given Psy’s performance at the AMA’s with MC Hammer, there’s no stopping this Korean sensation from hitting up every genre of music.

2 Chainz has also had quite the year, finally releasing his debut album Based On A T.R.U. Story after exploding onto the scene. His sophomore album is due in 2013, but if the world does end on December 21, we can rest easy knowing that a Psy and 2 Chainz collab does in fact exist.