'Marrying The Game' Recap: Trips Overseas, Head Injuries, Jealousy

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The Game and his fiancee Tiffney took their drama overseas in Monday night's (December 3) episode of VH1's "Marrying The Game." Game prepares to go to Paris for a day, for a show, but Tiffney is not feeling it when she finds out that his female assistant, Alyssa, is tagging along instead of her.

"If you're gonna get a female assistant, I need to stamp her and give her my approval," says Tiffney. The Game jokes that all women probably do want to smash him but he loves his woman and nothing inappropriate is going to go down.

The two get into a heated exchange and Game walks away from her. "You gonna take a bitch out of town with you and leave your wife at home?" yells Tiff. "You walk out that door...If you drive off in that car, we won't be here when you're back. Your level of respect needs to be on point," says Tiffney. After his insensitivity, ongoing lack of respect and now having a female assistant, Tiffney has had enough. The wedding is two weeks away and the relationship is definitely a mess.

To make matters worse, news comes in that Game got into a fight in Paris which may have tanked the couple's wedding venue. Tiff is done. Game, clearly a man of priorities, goes to the doctor to get his head checked for injuries. "I was having fun, so I wasn't even tripping," he says.

The rapper is a bit distracted by the attractive women in the doctor's office, before he explains what went down. The Game explains that he got drunk at a Wiz Khalifa party in Cannes. He hit a security guard with a bottle of Cristal and the guard returned the favor. Ouch! "It was six Planet of the Apes gorillas," he says and gets stitched up.