Ryan Leslie Burns New York Post On Stage During Concert

(Leslie on his stolen laptop during a visit to "RapFix Live")

By Rob Markman

Ryan Leslie made headlines this week for all the wrong reasons and on Friday R. Les burned the cover of Thursday’s New York Post on stage during a concert at Long Island University in NY to make a point. 

Things got emotional for the R&B/rap musician who lost a lawsuit on Wednesday which is now forcing him to cough up $1 million after he failed to make good on a reward he offered for the return of his stolen laptop. To add insult to injury the Post ran a cover line that read: “Rap weasel must pay $1M for lost laptop.

“And yesterday-- and the reason why I’m on the front page of the news today-- everyone thought I was just a cheapskate or something like that, a jury of my peers, eight people, they looked me in my face and told me I had to pay this man $1 million for music I never got back,” Ryan said on stage before performing tracks from his new LP Les is More.

While in the middle of performing “5 Minute Freshen Up” Leslie grabbed the newspaper cover, held it up and rapped “Don’t believe everything you read in the f---in’ news” before he fished a book of matches out of his jacket pocket and set the Post on fire."'Ain't no way to get around ups & downs.' Jury of my peers rules for the plaintiff," Leslie tweeted in reaction to the verdict after leaving federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday.

Do you agree with the jury’s decision to force Ryan Leslie to pay the $1 million reward?