Lil Wayne Gets 'Awkward,' And He Sings Too

Lil Wayne contributed a new freebie called "Awkward" to DJ Stevie J's mixtape The Appreciation Vol. 5: Holiday Edition and he took the opportunity to sing his heart out, instead of really rapping. 

Download here.

If you ever wanted to hear more about Weezy's awkward encounters with women in bathrooms, or just about his conversations with them ("we don't have much in common, so we don't do much talkin', sometimes it feels so awkward") then this one is for you, with production by Jahlil Beats and Key Wane.

Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being II album is due out in February with features from Drake and Nicki, Juicy J and more, plus packaging by Kanye West, who was unable to contribute music to the project. “What I mean by packaging is he’s gonna do the album cover, the inside, all that,” Weezy told MTV News. “He wanted that, he said ‘I wanna package Wayne’s album,’ so I already know my album package is gonna be crazier than [the album]. You ain’t even gotta hear it, you gonna love just seeing it.”