50 Cent Says French Montana Was Involved In DJ Khaled Beef

Back in 2009 50 Cent took his beef with DJ Khaled to a new level when he debuted the viral clip "A Psychic Told Me," which included footage of Khaled's home and even his mother, as a threat. Now, in the midst of his heated back-and-forth exchanges with French Montana, Fif is saying that it was French Montana who actually provided him with the footage back then, before he was tight with Khaled and Rick Ross.

"Frenchie, they got me the tape," Fif said when he appeared on Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood in Los Angeles on Friday morning (November 30).  "They got me the tape of his mother's house, where his moms work at, the other cribs, the studios, stuff like that."

Though there could be some truth to that since Montana previously made money with his  "Cocaine City" DVD series,, interviewing other artists (including 50) and adding his own freestyles, it's unclear whether 50 is pulling punches simply because he can.

The two have traded recent jabs over the state of their careers, and the G-Unit CEO isn't letting up. "He's a guy that they put a record with two or three other guys that already established themselves in order to sell you something," he said. "You only gotta get away with listening to him for a whole 30 seconds, 40 seconds and then his verse is off and it goes to somebody that really worked to get there.

French seems to be taking it all in stride so far, responding today by writing on Twitter, #Dunkeykong should send @Eminem & @adamlevine flowers for TRYINN to save his career come catch this fade monkey," referring to Fif's new single "My Life."

Here's what fans think about the whole fiasco:

@OctoberMarcus 50 Cent is going to do some damage to French Montana's career @SoMarilyn_xo@J_Nova_Kane 50 cent said French Montana is the new Ja-Rule lmaoooooo

@arikarixo i just wanna know why french montana is tryna go after 50 cent. like do you even know how much money 50 has/makes? sit down.

@JohnnieBeGood_ 50 cent pretty much still shitting on French Montana. Whether he can still rap or not

@Jt_cassius French Montana is trying to attack 50 cent lol #slipperyslope

@puneetsingh The same 50 cent fans defending him in this beef with French Montana are the same ones that think Santa still exists.

@BESTINTHEW0RLD French Montana is just asking for 50 Cent to put him down

@_SLiM_DeELmao LMAO at that pic French Montana put up of 50 cent sick af in that movie ????????

@BunyanRapGiant I forgot who tweeted it but its true ,.. French Montana best album won't sell more than 50 cent worst album

@Al_Boogie230 I dont get how you diss 50 cent when it comes to money. French Montana is seriously the dumbest "rapper" out right now

@DBBILLIST 50 cent needs to slap it on French Montana real s---.