Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Not Hiding Their Affections

via Rihanna Instagram

Last month, during a radio interview in LA Chris Brown quickly responded to a question about whether or not he was dating Rihanna with, "No. And that's just quick, a quick answer." But then, what message is Rihanna trying to send with her Instagram photos? She's previously admitted that they're "working on their friendship," which is obviously a very close friendship.

Over the past week, Rihanna's spent time with Chris Brown abroad, first flying to see him in Berlin for Thanksgiving Day, where he was performing on his Carpe Diem tour. Over the past few days they've tweeted similar photos from their Instagram accounts (like matching Rolxes) making it fairly obvious that they've been hanging together, then on Thursday night (November 29) Rihanna shared the above photo. It finds her and Brown wrapped in a hug with a caption directed at Chris Brown's own Instagram account, which read, "I dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!"

At this point, it seems like these two might be inching their way back into a relationship, and Rihanna has found a way to make the public digest it bit by bit, whatever their opinions may be.