Kanye West Gets Dragged Into Kim Kardashian's Messy Divorce

By Henna Kathiya

Its funny how one of the shortest marriages in recent times is leading to the one of the longest divorce proceedings. And  somehow Kanye West has managed to find himself smack in the middle of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ messy split.

The Chicago rapper recently had to sit in for a deposition per Kris’ insistence. Kim’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, says, “[Kim] is essentially handcuffed to Mr. Humphries.” According to TMZ, Wasser believes that Kris is dragging his feet through the whole ordeal since he hasn’t even deposed Kim yet. Wasser refers to the divorce as a “fishing expedition.”

It’s no secret that Wasser is frustrated with the whole thing, telling the judge to make Kris “either s--- or get off the pot.” It's also common knowledge that prenup gives Kris nothing, which is causing the NBA player and his lawyers to raise questions over it. The judge set a trial date for February 15, conveniently the day right after Valentines Day according to TMZ.

This recent development doesn’t seem to faze the couple who are pretty much attached at the hip,  with Kanye even attending a recent X-Factor taping with the Kardashian klan.