Game Not Letting 50 Cent’s 'My Life' Dis Go Unanswered

By Henna Kathiya

50 Cent has never been shy about sharing his feelings about other rappers. The Queens MC recently called out the Game on his new single “My Life” and the Compton rapper has an answer for himc.

"I tried to help them kids get on, they turned around and spit right in my face/ So Game and Buck, both can suck a di--," Fif rhymed in the first verse of the song.

In an interview with Power 106's "Big Boy's Neighborhood" in Los Angeles,  Game speculated that maybe Fif is trying to hide something. “Maybe he got somethin' he wants to tell us about his secret life. Ain’t nobody worried about 50. Let’s just ask the people,” he said.

While both rappers were once tight with each other, that's definitely not the case today. Game  even compared Fif to a zombie. “Every now and again, you get these zombie movies: No matter how many times you shoot 'em, they just keep on. "I'mma kill him, though,” he said with confidence. “I might have to figure out a different like scorpion gun or get a poisoned bow and arrow with peanut butter and skippy on it or something,” he joked.

Game memorably released his 14-minute freestyle, “300 Bars and Running” taking shots at G-Unit, but it looks like he has more to add. "I might have to go and double that up and really just say everything that I want to say," he said. Looks like both rivals are gearing up for a rap war.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent is also beefing with French Montana, while Game is beefing with Shyne. Got it? Good.