Bobbi Kristina Sings, Whitney Houston's Fam Attends 'Sparkle' Premiere

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

On Wednesday night's episode of "The Houstons: On Our Own," the Houston family continued to struggle with the memory of Whitney Houston's passing as they headed to LA for the "Sparkle" film premiere. For daughter Bobbi Kristina, the trip to LA marked her first time in the city since Whitney's death there. "She finished it for us...That's the one reason I am going," Bobbi Kristina shared with boyfriend Nick.

"I'm in LA and I don't really want to be here and the paparazzi of course are not making it any better," said Bobbi K upon arriving in the city. She then revealed that she and father Bobby Brown are currently estranged but "it will be resolved soon." Meanwhile, Pat and Gary see the opening of the new Whitney exhibit at the Grammy museum, featuring memorabilia from the superstar's career. It was an emotional viewing, especially for Pat.

Bobbi K met with music producer/director Ricky Minor to discuss her singing career. "I'm trying to focus myself back into music because after she passed, I stopped for awhile," said Bobbi. Ricky asked Bobbi to sing Whitney's "I'm Your Baby Tonight" which she eventually does. According to Ricky, Bobbi has a raspy voice with a good tone but he advised her to quit smoking cigarettes to improve her vocal quality.

The episode ends with the family attending the red carpet and film premiere for Sparkle. "I salute this night to you, in honor of your Mommy," said Pat to Bobbi. "It's a night to be remembered." "The film was phenomenal. It was incredible surreal to see my again. I'm so proud of Mom's performance and proud of myself for getting through it," said Bobbi after the premiere, both relieved it was over as well as happy she was there.