Eminem And 50 Cent Consider Recording Joint EP

Over the past decade 50 Cent and Eminem have had their fair share of collaborations, beginning with 03's "Patiently Waiting" and leading up to the brand new Street King Immortal single "My Life"--but would these two ever consider recording a joint project?

MTV News caught up with Fif and Eminem in Detroit last month where they filmed the video for "My Life," and when we questioned them about the possibility of a joint album, Watch the Throne was thrown out by Em's manager Paul Rosenberg, who was standing off camera.

"He said Watch the Throne," 50 responded to Rosenberg, laughing at the immediate assertion. Eminem, who was caught off guard by the exchange wouldn't offer up a comment, but 50 didn't let it go, adding, "An EP maybe."

After recording Watch the Throne with Kanye West, Jay-Z admitted that the two of them bumped heads in the studio sometimes, but it seems like 50 Cent wouldn't put up much of a fight against Eminem. "I can't accept constructive criticism from someone if I'm not sure what their intentions are," Fif explained. "But when someone's been in my corner my entire musical career — I'll say this, Dre's done wonderful things for me in my career, but the idea of working with 50 Cent came from Eminem."

For his part, Eminem is happy to offer up a helpful opinion or two. "I feel like I always wanna be there, just to executive produce or oversee things, but Fif knows what he's doing so I don't really gotta tell him much," Em said. "At this point in his career, he's done enough [so now] he just brings me the record and I kinda always wanna give my opinion."