Exclusive: Shyne Attacks Game With New ‘Bury Judas’ Dis Track

By Rob Markman

Shyne will not be backed down and now he’s taken his issues with Game up a notch with his new dis record "Bury Judas." Po gave us a preview on the Red McFly-produced track two weeks back when he dropped his acapella "Psalms 68 (Guns & Moses)," but now with a backing beat and even more baritone bars it’s clear that Shyne will not let up.

"This little busta named Game wanna rhyme like Po, so rhyme like go/ I rhyme like I be climbin’ out that Rolls/ The nine I let it blow, put five up in ya clothes/ Headshots leave ya slumped reclining through ya door, oh," he spits over rolling drums and eerie synths.

Shyne goes on to charge that Game patterned his career and rap style after the MC who made an equal amount of waves in the booth and in the news following his involvement in the infamous 1999 Club New York shooting.

"Smokin’ a Cuban, twistin’ up my sidelocks/ These sideways rappers, hit ’em with them side shots," Shyne starts his second verse before firing off: "I shoot the butterfly off your face/ And tell Jesus peace, smile at your wake."

The one-time collaborators found themselves at odds after Shyne criticized Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city LP by labeling it trash. Game, who like Kendrick hails from Compton, California and counts Dr. Dre as his mentor stuck up for K. Dot and urged Shyne to back off. Except Game wasn’t so diplomatic about it.

"Personally, I think Shyne should just back away and let the kid breathe and if not, I don't know, we might find ourselves face-to-face or sh-- that nobody really wants to see happen," Game told MTV News in October. "Kendrick is non-confrontational, he's not a thug, he's not a gang banger, he's just a dope, hip-hop lyricist, but he's from the streets and he got a lot of ties out here and a lot of good hood n---as with him and I'm one of them."

There was some Twitter banter between the two, which then prompted Game to drop his acapella "Cough Up a Lung" freestyle video. Shyne fired back with "Psalms 68 (Guns & Moses)" and now looks to bait Game further with "Bury Judas."

Do you think Game will respond to Shyne’s "Bury Judas" with a record of his own? Let us know in the comments!