Eminem And 50 Cent Can't Hide In 'My Life' Video

Eminem has described 50 Cent's new video for "My Life" as "kind of abstract" and "kind of metaphoric," intending to convey the paranoia both artists sometimes feel. They compare it to "literally being chased" and that comes across clearly in the visuals.

"Whether it's true or not, it's kind of how we feel," Em added, "It's kind of a metaphor for us running for our lives. Personal lives and from fame, everything that goes with the game."

"My Life" was shot on location in Detroit and includes an appearance from Adam Levine, who delivers the hook. "This video is unlike a lot of the videos I've shot because this one has a budget," 50 Cent told MTV News of the clip. "[With] a lot of videos now you have to make the video using the bare means or whatever's around to make it cool, but [with] this one, we could actually be creative. [We] conceptually put together what the actual song itself is about and have the visuals match it."

"The site that we actually used, the architecture involved with the actual video itself, it feels like it's almost a set," he continued, "Like it was something that someone drew in a way."

50 Cent's Street King Immortal album is out on February 26.