Watch: Leikeli47's 'Heard Em Say' Video Ft. Curt@!n$

By Jennifer Fortune

Earlier this year Leikeli47 debuted her LK-47 mixtape (which featured Bun B) and created quite a buzz. Now she delivers her latest music video for “Heard Em Say” the second single off LK-47 with a feature from Brooklyn rapper Curt@!n$. And to top it all off, Leikeli47 produced the track herself.

The video was directed by Eddy Orellana, also known as Seveneight. It definitely has a trance-like feel to it with the addition of cool special effects, darting from black and white visuals, to colorful ones. Leikeli47 is known for challenging and questioning public perceptions of femininity and masculinity, and you can totally see that play out in the video. At times, the rapper is wearing baggy clothes, waving a black and white bandana with a ski-mask on, disguising her physical appearance, and other times she sports a top hat shaking her long box braids. The dope visuals, paired up with her thoughtful lyrics makes this one a stand out.