Skylar Grey Debuts Eminem-Featured 'C'mon Let Me Ride'

A couple weeks back Skylar Grey teased her new single "C'mon Let Me Ride"  with Eminem, explaining that it would show her humorous side for a change, and the song premiered on Tuesday (November 27). It's the debut single from her upcoming album Don't Look Down.

Listen here.

"C'mon Let Me Ride' is sarcastic, because I'm making fun of how the media really over-sexualizes everything," she told MTV News. "That's where the inspiration comes from. There's pieces of [the song and video] that are sarcastic, because I'm a very serious person most of the time, but there's also parts of it that show who I really am versus who a lot of other girls are. It shows the contrast.

"The whole album is very multifaceted and shows a lot of different sides of my personality; including the more melancholy stuff that people know me better for — but I'm also showing this more fun sarcastic side of my personality that I've never shown in my music before, so you get to see all of it."