Eminem And Adam Levine Join 50 Cent On ‘My Life’

By Henna Kathiya

It’s no secret that 50 Cent has led quite the eventful life. From his early days in South Jamaica, Queens to becoming a platinum rapper, entrepreneur, investor, and actor Fif has had quite the journey. He chronicles this in his new single "My Life" featuring Adam Levine and Eminem.

Fif and Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine were set to perform the song on Monday night’s (November 26) episode of “The Voice” but Power 106 in Los Angeles got the okay to release the song earlier in the morning. The track, produced by Symbolyc One, features Levine’s voice at the beginning of the song, crooning, “"My life, my life makes me wanna run away, but there's no place to go."Fifty comes in rhyming about his sudden rise in the rap game. “03 I went from filthy, to filthy rich.”

50 doesn’t hold back when it comes to calling out other rappers that have done him wrong. "I tried to help them kids get on, they turned around and spit/ Right in my face, so Game and Buck, both can suck a di--/ Now when you hear 'em it may sound like it's some other sh--/ 'Cause I'm not writing anymore they're not makin' hits," he rhymes.

Curtis continues to spit lines about the many hats he wears, boasting about how much money he’s earned. “I’m far from perfect/there’s so many lessons I done learned. If money’s evil then look at all the evil I done earned/I’m doing what I’m supposed to/ I’m a writer, I’m a fighter, entrepreneur/Fresh out the sewer watch me maneuver.”

Eminem comes in on the second verse spitting lines to match his erratic energy. "Feels like I'm goin' psycho again and I might just blow my lid/ And I almost wish that I never made Recovery, kid/ 'Cause I'm running circles with my life,” he raps. Fifty, Levine and Eminem also appear in the trailer for the song, also released today.