Kanye West Is Designing Lil Wayne's Human Being II: What Will It Look Like?

photo rendition by Sohyung Kang, credit: Getty Images/Young Money/ MTV News

Last month Lil Wayne intrigued us with news that Kanye West had ‘a big hand’ in crafting his upcoming album I Am Not A Human Being II, but during his recent "MTV: First" interview, the New Orleans native clarified his previous statement, revealing that ‘Ye is actually designing the entire album package.

“He didn’t do any music on this album but ‘Ye is actually packaging my album,” Wayne confirmed, admitting that he has no idea what Kanye’s got in store. “You probably gotta ask him because it was his idea. I was just like ‘okay, do whatever,’ because I don’t do nothing but rapping. You can ask all the people that work with me, they’ll tell you ‘man, he don’t do nothin’ but the music,’ that’s all I do man. That’s all I know about.”

(Wayne on Kanye design and album features)

Well, if Wayne’s gonna take such a hands-off approach with the artwork, we’ll go out on a limb here and say that he left the job to one man who will surely not disappoint. Kanye and his team of designers at DONDA are in charge of putting together the entire look of the anticipated LP. “What I mean by packaging is he’s gonna do the album cover, the inside, all that,” Weezy explained. “He wanted that, he said ‘I wanna package Wayne’s album,’ so I already know my album package is gonna be crazier than [the album]. You ain’t even gotta hear it, you gonna love just seeing it.”

photo rendition by Sohyung Kang

If Wayne did have anything to do with the design, some imagery of skateboarding would likely be included (complete with a “double cup” tribute to Pimp C) before Kanye even added his trippy kaleidoscopic effects that would inevitably inspire illuminati conspiracy theories. Either way, Kanye can do whatever the hell he wants, without the YMCMB rapper’s approval. “I’ma let ‘Ye do what he do,” he said, jokingly adding, “If it ain’t nothing out of the box crazy, but ‘Ye is ‘Ye. He’s a genius.”

And whatever the outcome, Wayne is just excited about the upcoming project. “Before I wasn’t that excited, [because] I just was looking at it like ‘it’s just gonna be a better [version of] I Am Not A Human Being, but now, listening to my album and hearing what we working with, I’ma be on tour for some time with this one.”

With Kanye locked down for the album packaging, what can fans expect in terms of the music? Wayne gave MTV News a track-by-track breakdown. The album is now due on February 19.