Lil Wayne Is Amused By His Skateboarding Haters

By Henna Kathiya with reporting by Sway Calloway

Lil Wayne plans to completely put rap on the back burner and spend more time skateboarding, in the very near future. And while Weezy’s foray into the world of boarding left some fans scratching their heads, the Dedication 4 rapper is positive about following his passion. He's received his fair share of hate, from groups like the  "F--k Weezy Campaign," but he's not sweating it.

“My day job would probably be a sports analyst and I would skate all night instead of being in the studio all night,” Wayne told Sway Calloway during his "MTV First" premiere of "No Worries," adding that he just “wants to be vital in the [skate] world” but skate enthusiasts probably would rather the rapper stick to what he knows.

“I never been sonned or nothing like that because I did the eight months on the island, so you know sonning me is going to be a little difficult,” Tunechi laughed, referencing his time on Rikers Island. Still, he does have a little bit of hate coming his way from his native New Orleans.

“There is this skater crew called- I don’t know why I’m giving them love, but it’s called the ‘FWC.’ It’s called the ‘F--k Weezy Campaign’ and it’s a whole bunch of skaters that’s just like, 'we don’t like the fact that Wayne skates period.' Like 'stick to doing what you do, don’t join our world, we don’t want you here,' that type of thing.

The Young Money rapper recognizes that some people only see him as a cash cow for the industry- referencing his skate park in New Orleans. Although his haters from the campaign aren’t quiet about their contempt for Wayne skating, they still use his skate park. “I guess to them I’m only good for spending my money opening skate parks for them to come rip up. I have no problem with it. I probably skate better than all of them,” he added.

Wayne notes the hypocrisy--mentioning Tyler the Creator, who is a skater turned rapper.“I ain’t tripping. But I don’t be knocking anybody coming into the music game. I don’t be getting on records saying ‘man, stick to doing what you was doing. You know what I mean, stick to skateboarding man. Don’t come here Tyler, I’ll jump on your record.”

Although the New Orleans native has haters, he remains dedicated and plans to press forward.