Lil Wayne's 'Not A Big Food Dude,' But Still Enjoys Thanksgiving

By Maurice Bobb with reporting by Sway Calloway

If the title to his upcoming album, I Am Not a Human Being II, is to be believed, Lil Wayne is not like the rest of us mere mortals. So it’s no shocker that the YMCMB head honcho won’t be gorging on copious amounts of turkey, honey-baked ham and dressing with cranberry sauce like millions of other people when they gather around the dinner table to celebrate Thanksgiving.

“Honestly, I’m not a big food Dude,” Lil Wayne told Sway Calloway during his MTV First interview. “I don't eat a lot. I'm one of them people that my momma always said must just have a small stomach. I get full quick and I'm really full. I don't need to eat no more that day and nothing like that. But I'm like everybody else, I enjoy Thanksgiving. But what I meant by that is, I don't have a favorite ‘such and such food’ and or nothing like that. I just always eat my Mom's Thanksgiving meals. Every year. You know Mom's is a chef. She's a real chef.”

Tunechi may not dive head first into holiday gluttony, but he and the rest of the Cash Money Records family relishes in the true spirit of the season: giving back to the community via their annual turkey giveaway.

“I've heard so many crazy numbers that I don't know which true, but I know that they give out a lot of turkeys, a lot of turkeys,” Weezy said. “And as far as how many…they've given so many cuz they've been doing it for years. And it’s a great thing. People look forward to it and it’s there for ‘em every year. And it's almost like they never run out. Everybody leave satisfied.”

Every year, Weezy looks forward to making the trek back home to New Orleans to spend Turkey Day with family, who gather around, eat, talk, drink, eat again and engage in the time-honored tradition of watching all the kids put on a little show of dancing and singing for the adults.

“That happens, but especially when I'm there,” Weezy said. “They wanna sing my songs and let me know what they know; let me see what they know and all that. But other than that, it’s just a big ol family event. Everybody just talking loud. You hear a bunch of forks and spoons scraping. It’s just a big happy family event.”