Wiz Khalifa Rolls Out Cam'ron Feature On 'The Bluff'

By Rob Markman

With the release date for O.N.I.F.C. fast-approaching, Wiz Khalifa is continuing to turn up the volume on his upcoming sophomore set by releasing “The Bluff," his much-anticipated cut with Cam’ron.The mellowed-out I.D. Labs-produced track starts off with the spark of a lighter and Wiz taking his usual pull from a joint before breaking out into song. “I got sooooo much,” the Pixburgh rapper croons on the opening refrain.

With his verse however, the Taylor Gang captain is delivering hard bars that accentuate his jet-setting lifestyle. “Still the same n---a/ Still walkin’ all up on your airplane with all my gang members,” he spits before diving into his bank account and lavish weed smoking habits.

Sonically “The Bluff” is rooted in the type of melodic material that made Wiz’s 2010 classic tape Kush and Orange Juice a fan favorite, but the inclusion of Dipset’s head honcho Cam’ron makes the track more special. With his usual wit Cam delivers funny lines like “Point your camera at my pockets ’cause they sayin’ cheese” and “Please have her on her knees, but she ain’t prayin’.”

Wiz urges that with O.N.I.F.C. is going to take a different direction then he did on his debut LP Rolling Papers where he paid more attention to the needs of his label and radio programmers. "You can just expect it to be more musical. All the elements that you're used to getting from a quote-unquote 'Wiz project,'” Khalifa told MTV News. “You're gonna get every last one of those elements, whereas I feel like the first album lacked some of those elements."

What do you think of Wiz Khalifa and Cam’ron’s “The Bluff”?