Katt Williams Has Meltdown On Stage Forcing Show Cancellation

By Miranda Johnson

Kat Williams now has some serious explaining to do after reportedly suffering from a cocaine induced meltdown during a show in Oakland, CA this past weekend. The incident, which left fans upset and demanding a refund, is just the latest in a host of other issues the comedian has been facing recently.

On Friday (November 16), at the Oracle Arena, Katt Williams took the stage ending with a very public meltdown The YBF reports. Said to have been "sweating profusely while spewing out a rambling set of monologues," Kat was later escorted off stage and fans weren't so understanding. In a set that lasted no longer than 10 minutes, he began verbally attacking a crowd member, threatening to fight the individual backstage.

The night ended with one of the show's comedians remarking, "This is what happens when you get your dope in Oakland, CA!" which put a stamp on what they had just witnessed.

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