Beyonce Starring As Queen Tara In 'Epic': First Look

Grab the kiddies! Beyonce is soon to be animated in the upcoming 3D feature "Epic." Construed as a modern day version of the classic fairytale Thumbelina, the pop star will voice Queen Tara an enchanted protector of the forest.

USA Today has a first look (with photos and all). No stranger to Queenly duties, "She is the one sworn to protect the forest and is the source of its magic," director Chris Wedge says of Bey's character.

With an expected release in summer 2013 , the film centers around a young girl, Mary Katherine whose curiosity ends up getting her in a bit of a bind. Beginning her journey questioning her dad, Prof. Bomba, about a hidden world that is said to exist in the woods, she shortly after finds herself transported into the secret universe. She is then forced to save the world from the unlikely evils dwelling in the forest by joining with "a rag-tag team of fun and whimsical characters".

Will you be watching?