Lil Wayne Is Rapping On Paris Hilton's Latest Song

Lil Wayne RAPS with Paris Hilton -- I Wanna Bang You

By Maurice Bobb

Paris Hilton sings in her new song, “Last Night,” that she can’t believe what she did last night. But the 31-year old socialite won’t come close to being as confused as hip-hop fans will be after they learn that Lil Wayne jumped on the AfroJack-produced single.

The trippy, hard-pulsing track meant for raving features a studio-enhanced Hilton belting out simplistic lyrics, singing “I can’t believe what we did last night/wanna stay on my cloud that was so much fun/ I’ll never forget it, telling everyone…about last night.”

Lil Tunechi offers up his usual raunchy 16, rhyming about the blonde reality star’s penchant for sexual dalliances on camera, “Last night was awesome, super f---king awesome, it was me, myself, and I and her, we had ourselves a foursome,” and adding, as per usual, a line about his new clothing line, “Whatever, I can love you better/Bust it wide open for a Trukfit sweater.”

For the most part, though, the song is fun, so grab your glow sticks we guess, and jump around the club like a rockstar.