Cassidy Releases Diss Track Aimed At Meek Mill

By Maurice Bobb

Cassidy didn’t waste any time. True to his threatening tweet: “I'm putting out something new in a few mins ???? "The Diary of a Hustla" I'm talking that s---.. Just recorded it!! #Ni--asIsInTrouble smh," the Philly MC released a diss track, “Diary of a Hustla,” this Thursday (November 15) aimed at Meek Mill in retaliation to their recent Twitter battle.

Meek practically dared Cassidy to lob the first lyrical grenade: “Get ya shots off now cause tomar ima drop some new shit and we gone forget about ya again!” and the former Full Surface artist accepted the challenge.

Although the "I'm A Hustla" MC never mentions Meek by name—government (Robert Williams) or otherwise, it’s clear that the song is an extension of an earlier tweet by the rapper born Barry Adrian Reese that he paved the way for Philadelphia-bred lyricists like the aforementioned Dreams and Nightmares spitter: “I been popping for over a decade! Ni--as get 1 year in and get carried away.. I paved the way for these dudes.. Ni--as is scared! That would be the easiest 100k I ever made in my life.. It's like taking candy from a baby.."

Lines like, “I’m your old head, you betta show respect to me, definitely, before I give you pussies a hysterectomy” and “Ayo none of these rap ni--as can mess wit me/them ni--as is my sons, I’m bout to get a vasectomy,” are a blatant dig at Meek, who has just recently seen his star rise as an integral part of the Maybach Music Group’s coterie of Billboard chart-topping artists.

Cass stiffs Meek with another lyrical jab with the line, “I’m tired of rap ni--as actin’ tough/yep I rap, but I been actin’ up since I came out my daddy nuts,” which is no doubt aimed at Meek’s comment about Beanie Sigel being the only rapper still stunting in the ‘hood: “beanie Siegel was the only ni--a out in them streets stunting still in da hood! And I just took it 2 the next level #freebmack."

Since the track dropped, reviews from fans have been mixed at best. L.A. (@lawarehouselive) felt that Cassidy’s diss fell short and could have used more deliberation: “@CASSIDY_LARSINY Diss song may not be enough to warrant a response should have took his time on it. Pretty light. @MeekMill." @JoeSantagato co-signed that sentiment: “Call me crazy but I didn't think Cassidy's diss track to Meek was all that..”

It wasn’t all bad for the first rapper to ever have a platinum ringtone, though, according to @JayOwBee, he delivered a nice Cleveland Bus Driver-esque uppercut to Meek Millie: “Ive never been a big fan of cassidy But if you listen to that tune and sayy thatt tune is weak then you know Nothing about rap! NOTHINGGG!" His review was seconded by @CGOne5: “No lie Cassidy went off on that Meek diss."

Meek has yet to respond to the track, but it’s clear that Tweets is watchin’ for what’s next between these two.