Nicki Minaj And Her Alter Egos Play A Game Of ‘What Would Nicki Do?’

By Henna Kathiya

Nicki Minaj channels her alter egos Roman and Onika during a game of "What Would Nicki Do" on this upcoming Sunday's episode of "The Week in Jams."

The "American Idol" judge answers a series of questions as Nicki, Roman and Onika, giving fans a glimpse into each of their different personalities. When asked if an emcee runs into her and demands a battle she answers that Onika would battle her, Roman would spit at her, and Nicki would say “you’ll never be on my level bitch.”

The YMCMB rapper shows that she is a lot more polite than her alter egos when asked what she would do if a contestant on "American Idol" sings horribly.“[Onika] just laughs, [Roman] pulls out his d--k, and Nicki Minaj says, 'My darling, you know what, with the right vocal coach you could really be a superstar, come back next year."

Although the three personalities are wildly different, they can all agree on one thing: What to do if their boyfriend was caught cheating. “Beat his ass!" Obviously. Nicki Minaj’s videos will be featured on this week’s “The Week in Jams” airing Sunday at 11pm/10c.

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