Rihanna Jets Off For '777' Tour With Fans On Board

By Henna Kathiya

Rihanna, the hit-making machine, is celebrating the release of her seventh album Unapologetic with her larger than life 777 tour and we have an inside look for you. Check out footage above.

This tour will cross seven countries in seven days and the "Diamonds" singer will be far from lonely on her trip since she's being accompanied by an army of 150 journalists as well as a group of her most dedicated fans. The fans landed their coveted spots by calling into radio shows, winning Twitter competitions and basically attacking every social media platform with crazy amounts of Rihanna love.

The tour kicked off on Wednesday (November 14) with its first destination, Mexico City. After that the fully equipped Boeing 777 will touch down in Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London and New York. Very few details were released about the performances other than the fact that each venue is smaller the normal arenas the songstress sells out.

The journalists are in for a ride, with MTV Style's own Mary H.K. Choi and Maud Deitch on board the plane. The release of Unapologetic falls on the day her tour reaches London, on November 19.