Saigon Would Punch 2 Chainz, Rick Ross For Bad Influence On Kids

By Georgette Pierre

Saigon is not an artist to hold his tongue--or his hands. In a recent interview with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, the New York emcee explained his frustration with hip-hop and even went as far saying  that he would punch 2 Chainz and Rick Ross [out of others] for the dangerous music they’re putting out.

He said,"That's behind me [punching other artists] - you know what, if they don't change the message though, [I would punch someone] for real," He went on to say, "I would want to punch everybody - Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, everybody who's [making] detrimental music for children, man. These companies market the music to children, and y'all know that. If you're going to do that [kind of music]…you know when you go in a movie store, the porno section had its own little section? Do that for this music because this is marketed to children and we know that…I've got kids, man. I'm not trying to have to battle with my own kid because she's influenced by [these artists].”

In lieu of fighting artists though, Saigon stopped by "RapFixLive" last week to discuss his newest LP, The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Breads and Circuses. Released via indie label, Suburban Noize, he discussed with Sway his reason for going indie this time around. “I'm doing it independent and doing my own thing because I like creative freedom. I enjoy that more than the red tape, sitting around and waiting for somebody to tell me what to do and how to take my creative vision.” Some of the features on this album include Marsha Ambrosius and Christian rapper, LeCrae.

The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Breads and Circuses is in stores now.

Do you think Saigon was out of line for his comments about 2 Chainz and Rick Ross?